my name is shiraz zennou, 24 years old and i am living in amsterdam. i am studying fashion and branding at the Amsterdam Fasion Institute and i have a great passion for dance and people. i am always busy analyzing the people around me and thinking about how i can do things differently and improve myself. the only question left was how do you combine your greatest passion with fashion? what started as a spontaneous idea grew into a brand with a clear vision and mission written from my own insecurity.

Notamé - notice me, but do not tame me

it has never been my plan to start a high fashion label that has to conquer the catwalks. notamé is a brand that opts for a more accessible dance world in which every dancer can be who he wants to be. my ultimate goal is to lower the threshold to want to join a group. creating a dance world for each other and with each other. fun is not in the difficulty of a dance, its important that we dont forget that we all have to start somewhere and that a dance is about enjoying the music together, no matter on what level you dance to.